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Tips on Choosing Type of Batik fabrics, motifs and color

Looks charming and elegant of course it must be considered in performing everyday activities. A matching shirt and tie selection of patterns or colors that is not too important. All that you can do alone or aided by your partner. As well as the selection of colors or shades of batik clothes, but not everyone can choose or know the motives or good batik patterns. Batik is not an easy thing. You must be smart in choosing fabrics, patterns and attractive color batik. With the following tips may help you in choosing batik.
Clothing Work / Office (Semiformal)

1. Choose batik in the dark or pastel color combinations and geometric patterned appearance that you still look neat, simple, and formal.

2. For you are a big man, choose a medium-sized geometric patterns, or a combination of large geometric patterns with a smaller size to fit your body proportions.

3. When your body is small, do not hesitate to choose a geometric patterned batik medium that shapes the body look more proportional.

4. For work activity, make sure you choose the design was simple but firm, so as to keep a professional impression. Only if needed can be added details that seem attractive minimalist.

5. For fashion work, choose batik cloth made of cotton. Besides comfortable to use for a long time, still gives the impression of a neat and elegant.

 Fashion Party (Formal)

1. If you want to make a fashion party or official of batik cloth, you can use different kinds of motifs and colors blend. What is important, choose the color and motif that matches the type of events you will attend (party scene).

2. For the party-atmosphere casual or semi-official, you can choose batik motifs of fauna and flora in the alloy bright or light colors.

3. For a formal party, geometric-patterned batik medium or classical motifs, such as slopes or Songket motifs in bright colors or dark touch that impressed luxury could be the right choice.

4. For a party dress, you can choose batik made from linen / semi sutra / silk. It would be better if there is a "gold foil" in the batik fabric that can be a plus in terms of elegance and exclusively

Friday, August 10, 2012


If you've been to Semarang, what's on your mind? Do you think that Semarang is a place filled with temples? Or you think Semarang is where the craftsmen carved furniture or place? If all your answers, it means that all people of the same opinion with you. But, did you know that Semarang is the place of Batik?
 Semarang is a place where people looking for batik, but the place of Batik in Semarang are not as many as places in the city of Solo.
Semarang is one of the harbor and center of the largest industrial investment in Indonesia. Semarang is often called on nations and foreign cultures, so many of acculturation occurs. In the field of batik, many thought that the center of Semarang in Central Java batik. But until now there has been no showing Semarang has a tradition of batik, let alone has a motive and a clear grip.
Why Semarang as the batik less widely known? This is possible because the region is relatively small number of batik producers while increasing Indo-European batik entrepreneur and Chinese Peranakan. It was so different when compared with the Pekalongan.
However Semarang remains an area where various kinds of Batik is produced, since the date of July 24, 2007, the city of Semarang through department of industry and trade launched Batik Semarang through a seminar that discussed the motives and identity of batik. And agreed that the batik Batik Semarang is produced by the people or citizens of Semarang city with a decorative motif or associated with icons of Semarang. Sense it has not been definitively ruled out because no ongoing research on batik Semarang.
A.                  Franquemont and Oosterom
Franquemont batik has a color range with a typical green color and has a patterned pattern of European, Chinese and especially the north coast of Madura and the pattern of the palace. Franquemont also takes notable figures and attributes of various European fairy tales that appear repeatedly on the body of batik cloth.
Batik Oosterom characteristics have a complex pattern of one of his creations with a circus motif pattern that describes the horseman, the dancing, the castle-like buildings, palm trees, foliage and equipped like the phoenix bird.
B. Tan Kong Tien
Batik motifs of "Batikkerij Tan Kong Tien" is the result of acculturation motives open coastal character and motives of the palace. Examples of the basic motif are a motif batik parang the palace, often combined with a peacock motif.

C.  Neni Asmarayani
Neni batik gallery opened in the 1970s in Semarang and involves several well-known painters and artists in the creation of designs. There are two motives that created the feel of Semarang and Pandan Arang Horse Parade. But the batik business then does not continue.

D. Batik Sri Retno
The uniqueness of Sri Retno batik is made in terms of innovation as the motive of production located in Semarang, traces the city's uniqueness is also a source of exploring the creation of batik motif. Unfortunately the company that actually has a market and as the creator of the popular batik motif that operates with less than a decade.

E.  Batik Semarang 16
After a long vacuum in 2005, Umi. S. Adi Susilo actively revive batik activity. In addition to many well established training company craft batik Batik Semarang 16. Motif has generated hundreds of Batik Semarang 16 new motives mainly related to Semarang city landmarks such as the Young Monument, Lawang Sewu, Tree Asem, Blekok Srondol and more. 11 motive has dipantenkan on IPR.
F.  Kampung Batik
Is the center of batik in Semarang who have experienced the glory of the Dutch period. Not only is the place Kampung Batik batik artisans, but also Bugangan, Rejosari, Kulitan, Kampung Melayu, and the Village Land, which is actually the villages located around the central city of Semarang past. Based on the research of Dr. David Yuliati MA from the Department of History Faculty of Literature Undip Most people Semarang past naturalist batik motifs (fish, butterflies, flowers, trees, hills, and houses), not symbolic like batik, batik in Surakarta and Yogyakarta. Naturalistic motifs characteristic of batik produced by the north coast of Java. Characteristics that can be interpreted as the character of coastal communities, a more open and expressionist when compared with people in Surakarta and Yogyakarta, which is surrounded by a system of symbols, norms, and rules under the authority of the king.

G.  Village Gemawang
Based on the literature, since the days of the Dutch East Indies in the region is already there batik industry. After the great eruption of Mount Ungaran around the 1800's, batik and then spread to various regions. Batik Gemawang began to rise in 2005, after extensive training to make. Batik has a batik hallmark elements of coffee, honey and baruklinting tuning. While the main use of indigo dyeing (indigofera).

H.  LOKA Batik by Hanna Sustainable
LOKA Batik is a label and a gallery for the creation of cultural products and creative fashion motif batik product with Semarang in Central Java in particular and general. Batik LOKA cooperation with the craftsmen to produce a quality product and high artistic taste. By using e-commerce as a medium of marketing is expected especially and batik Batik Semarang in Central Java are generally more widely known both in domestic and foreign tourists.

Kinds of Blouse and Batik Solo Carnival

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kinds of Batik (Modern Batik)

Do you a career woman? An Executive of younger? If the answer is "YES" of course you will keep your appearance every time. If you are not among them, I'm sure you still consider the style of your dress. If you would like to follow fashion trends, you will also not miss the latest designs batik motif is more diverse and rich in color. Current fashion trends in Indonesia’s batik shirt are in the interest and growing. We are also proud if batik has been set as a world cultural heritage originating from Indonesia. Batik is not everything; it is generally only used in certain events, like weddings, business meetings, work or day of the big day. This time may be said that batik be the most appropriate choice as to attend an event either formal or semi formal. Even wearing a batik shirt while working in the office also has a choice of many office workers. If you want to wear work clothes that newfangled batik shirt, this would be one option that is very attractive, now many models of batik clothing designs that you can easily search and select. The development of batik clothes fashion when it's really incredibly fast, you can freely choose as many motifs and colors are very attractive. They all are from different place and kinds, some of them are Batik Solo, Batik Pekalongan and many other places. Below are some examples of clothes - batik clothes that you might choose a dress, a dress uniform or your shirt every day.